COVID-19 Resources

Telehealth therapy sessions are currently available for new and existing clients due to Covid-19. If you or someone you know could benefit from talking to a trained mental health professional by video or phone, reach out to YESS at 515-282-9377 to learn more and set up an appointment today.  

Videos, links, and guides to support kids, families, and caregivers whenever they need extra, trusted support. 

With so many websites and resources available, sometimes it can be overwhelming to know what would be helpful or not during stressful, uncertain, or challenging times. That is why Team YESS created videos and pulled together trusted resources in one place to support kids, families, and individuals. 

If you feel you are needing more support than can be provided through the resources below, please reach out to YESS' main line at 515-282-9377 for crisis planning, mental health services, or wraparound supports. 


Video resources: