Our Impact


As Iowa's largest emergency shelter, children from across the state of Iowa rely on YESS for safety and care. Every child comes to YESS with a story; these stories often involve difficult experiences. No matter the age of the child or the circumstances that brought them, YESS is here to ensure they receive the best possible care and necessary support. 


Fiscal Year 2020 Impact Statistics


Staff made me feel better about my situation and hopeful for the future. - Tori, age 15  Tori came to YESS after 5 days on the streets. She was repeatedly abused by a close family member and feared for her safety. Tori received individual counseling at YESS and was successfully placed with a foster family.   YESS staff listened and gave advice that will help in the future. They have been kind through the process and made us feel comfortable. - Tyrelle's Mom  Tyrelle's older brother was killed in a tragic car accident a few years ago, and his parents did not handle the loss well. Tyrelle began acting out to gain attention from his parents, who then sought help from counseling services offered through Hope Hall Counseling Services at YESS. Through counseling, the family grieved the loss of their son and strengthened their relationships with one another.      I have never been respected so much. - Ben, age 17  Ben was brought to the shelter by law enforcement after allegedly stealing money from a family friend.