Integrated Care Connections

The YESS Integrated Care Connections (ICC) program supports children in the community experiencing mental health challenges by focusing on the needs of the family as a whole. ICC brings together mental, physical, and social health services into one integrated program so families can receive the best care possible for their child.

Each family in the YESS ICC program is connected with a three-person team to receive flexible support and services focused on their strengths, needs, and comfort level. These teams include a Nurse, Care Coordinator, and Family Peer Support Specialist, who work in partnership with families to determine the best path to success. Learn more about those who make up the ICC team.


integrated youth careHow can ICC help?

Families participating in the Integrated Care Connections program receive:

  •  Education and guidance about their child's diagnosis

  •  Connection to providers and support in their own community

  •  A voice to advocate on behalf of their family and their child

  •  Coordination and explanation of services every step of the way

  •  Access to YESS' full network of services


Who can use Integrated Care Connections' services?

Children who are eligible for Medicaid benefits and have a mental health diagnosis may participate in the ICC program. We currently serve families throughout Central Iowa, including Polk, Warren, Jasper, Marion, and Poweshiek counties. All ICC services are free for eligible families. To see if your family can benefit from YESS’ Integrated Care Connections program, call 515-557-2256.

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Testimonials from ICC Clients

"Our Family Peer Support and Care Coordinator have given us hope and the opportunity to get through such a hectic time in our lives"


"ICC helps takes away the burden of wondering what services are available for my children"

"Joining ICC made a huge difference in our family's life. YESS' team went out of their way to assist us with all of our needs and helped educate us in the areas we were unfamiliar." 


To learn more

The Integrated Care Connections staff is here to answer any questions you have. Call 515-557-2256 during business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm) or 515-802-0538 after 5:00pm.