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A safe place for children as parents connect with resources and support

Hope Hall Respite provides families with a safe place for children to spend up to 72 hours during a crisis situation or when parents need time to plan and connect with resources to ensure children stay safe in their own homes. YESS' Hope Hall  Respite program provides a nurturing, secure, and supportive environment for children (newborn through age 17) who need a short term place to stay. 


Children and Families who turn to Hope Hall Respite receive specialized services to meet their needs

  • Mental health assessments and referrals for therapy services during the child's stay

  • Developmentally appropriate activities and programming

  •  Basic comfort items necessary for young children in our care

  •  Secure and private living space and rooms

  •  Case management to ensure children and parents receive the support they need


Why do children and families turn to Hope Hall Respite?

Being a parent and child is hard. Sometimes a break is needed for all involved to help connect with resources and wraparound supports, meet with qualified individuals for safety planning, or to help parents during a crisis situation. Children and families are connected with YESS' wraparound supports of case management, mental health services, and community services to help ensure children and families can remain together in the safety of their own home. YESS is one of the few emergency shelters that also provides respite services – up to 72 hours where a child can stay in shelter while their parents make plans for moving past a crisis situation. When these family crises arise, YESS provides the nurturing environment that young children need.

To learn more or see if Hope Hall Respite is suitable for your family call 515-282-9377 today.