Behavioral health intervention services (BHIS)

In-home support to help kids make positive choices and families build stronger relationships.

Behavioral Health Intervention Services (BHIS) is a home-based skill building program that helps children and teens learn to make healthy and positive choices. We work with families to build practical skills that improve day-to-day life including conflict resolution, social skills, communication skills, and ways to cope with frustration, fear, or anger. By bringing the entire family together for BHIS services, clients improve their communication, manage unhealthy behaviors, and build stronger relationships. 


Commonly Asked Questions

How can BHIS help my child?

Using trauma-informed interventions and activities, our BHIS Counselors teach children age-appropriate ways to manage their behavior. This support is provided within the home each week to help children learn the skills that work best in their environment.

Will BHIS help my entire family?

We emphasize working with not only the individual child, but bringing together the entire family. Using this method, families improve their communication, manage unhealthy behaviors, and build stronger relationships. We can partner with you to improve your family’s overall quality of life and help your child achieve successes that once seemed out of reach.

How long does BHIS last?

Counselors typically meet with families for an hour-long session each week. Accommodations can be made based on mental health needs and individual/family circumstances. BHIS authorizations are generally 3 or 6 months long, and YESS can apply for additional reauthorizations, if needed. 

Who will provide counseling services to my child?

Your BHIS counselor has been specially trained to work with children and families in need of behavioral skill-building assistance. To learn more about our team of In-Home Skill-Based Counselors, visit our Mental Health Therapists page.

Is BHIS the same as therapy?

BHIS services are intended to improve skills and supplement what your child may be doing in therapy. This program will be most effective when done in conjunction with therapy services. For information about YESS’ other therapeutic services visit our main Hope Hall page

Where do you provide services?

We visit the homes of families throughout the Greater Des Moines area as well as the surrounding counties, including Jasper, Poweshiek, and Marion county. To see if the team at YESS is able to serve your community, give us a call at (515) 557-2256.

Is my child eligible?

Families with a child between the ages of 3-21 with a mental health diagnosis and Title XIX (Medicaid) are eligible to receive BHIS services.

How do I get started?

Give us a call at (515) 557-2256. We can answer your questions, provide guidance about the best options for your family, and start the process of working with your child.



Get to know the BHIS Team at YESS

For more information or to request BHIS services for your child, call (515) 557-2256.